2021 UNSWeetend
Axel-Nathaniel Rose
Belle Campbell  
Elena Kaloudis
Mia Lo Russo
Rosie Bogumil
Wen Yu Yang
Indi Sofyar
Larae Kale
Nathasha Mulakkal
Christine Le
Eloise Griffiths Da Costa
Talica Gummery
Acknowledgement of Country:
Leilani Knight
Margaret Miao
Sean Pryor, Associate Professor in English
Stephanie Bishop, Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing  
The UNSWeetened Literary Journal team would like to thank the Arc community for ceaseless support, warmth, and guidance. We would especially like to thank Nick Jordan, the coordinator’s coordinator and the crème de la crème of supervisors and friends; Mitchell McBurnie, beating heart of Arc Marketing; Lydia Morgan, publicity wizard; Mollie Qiu, tech saviour; and Caroline Fox Drinkwater and Nick Bentley, equal parts practical and magical mentors on all things artistic. We thank our sibling publications Blitz, Cookbook, and Tharunka, whose companionship in bringing forward student voices perpetually enriches the UNSW community.  

Our thanks to all those who contributed to UNSWeetened - whether to the Journal itself or the community, you have weaved beauty from chaos into 2021. Our especial thanks go to the guests of the UNSWeetened 2021 podcast: Professor Lucas Lixinski, Dr. Stephanie Bishop, Professor Ian Jacobs, Dr. Sean Pryor, Dr. John Attridge, and Ms. Chloe Kelly. This publication is indebted to all the past UNSWeetened Coordinators, and our thanks go to them – particularly to all those who spoke with us this year: Bettina Hodgson (1998), Adam Strang (2006), Nathan Mifsud (2012), Ria Andriani (2013), Sarah Fernandes (2015), Carla Zuniga (2016), and Haya Saboor (2017).

Our final thanks go to the dozens of people who donated to make the print production possible. You have continued UNSWeetened’s beautiful legacy - a Journal we can now hold in our hands as much as our hearts. .