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About UNSWeetened

Since 1998, UNSWeetened Literary Journal has published the finest of UNSW students’ writing. Organised, illustrated, designed, written, and edited by students, the annual publication represents the talent, passion, and dedication of the UNSW community.
Two playing cards showing mythological creatures, on a yellow background.View THE Mythos Cards
See our deck of mythological figures from around the world.
A photograph of a cellphone playing the UNSWeetened: Mythos podcast. The phone is black and the screen is red. The background is yellow.hear the mythos Podcast
Hear our monthly podcast on all things literary.
The logo of UNSWeetened 2021. In the centre in bold, serif, uppercase font reads 'mythos'. The letters are outlined in black with floral, colourful insides. Above it in small, yellow, uppercase font it reads UNSWeetened. Around the words is a broken circle with sun-rays coming off it. A small teardrop falls from the top.
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